Hi hi ! Thanks for looking at my profile ! o w o
I'm just some anime girl who likes being lazy and doing nothing :D

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Nendoroid Lily(Vocaloid) $20

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0Vor 1 Tagnammynammy
Unfortunately, I am only looking for the opposite of the set I already have, but I don't want to ask you to open one if you haven't already T___T;

AnimeCookie (Vor 1 Tag) #2736297Yep! Both glittery sets! Still unopened :)
0Vor 1 Tagnammynammy
Are you still selling SM Petits?
0Vor 7 MonatenNecrulNecrul
I'm interested in buying a Nendoroid Petite Madoka Set from you! Please message me the information on how much it'll cost. Thank you.
0Vor 8 MonatenMikuNyaMikuNya
AnimeCookie (Vor 8 Monaten) #2219732You're welcome! cute collection yourself ^.^ , I love your youtube videos ! c:

Thank you! :)
0Vor 8 MonatenMikuNyaMikuNya
Thank you for the FR :) cute collection!

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