2hu2hu oh hell yeah


boring dude. new to collecting. likes sports and flags. kinda an optimist.

i have a BS in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology which is... something, at least!!!

av: shOne

we demand more Reisen SEIJA figures NOW. sign my very popular petition here:

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1Vor 5 Tagenmukyuumukyuu
2hu (Vor 5 Tagen) #22361542thank you! she's awesome. just got real lucky.

Aaah~ I wish I got lucky and found Ran one of these days :DD even the Griffon one would be fine tbh

How are you doing?
1Vor 5 Tagenmukyuumukyuu
Nice Chen figure, she's quite hard to find nowadays.
1Vor 2 MonatenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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