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24Vor 6 Monatenmaggiemaggie

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0Vor 18 Tagen (Vor 18 Tagen)Hentai_SonHentai_Son
Selling for 10$ or 40$ for whole box ;v;
1Vor 2 MonatenLehstLehst
i think this is going to be my favorite one, lol.
0Vor 2 Monaten (Vor 2 Monaten)Kitsune88Kitsune88
Giving up my AmiAmi preorder for the whole set.
0Vor 5 MonatenAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
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Earn Island Rewards on this item!! 20% Deposit on all pre-orders!!
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0Vor 6 Monatenzellerificzellerific
Looking to only get this faceplate from the set! If you're hosting a split, let me know :)
0Vor 6 Monaten (Vor 21 Tagen)milkypopmilkypop
0Vor 6 MonatenPlay-AsiaPlay-Asia
Available for pre-order @ ($36.99)

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3Vor 6 Monatensecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Ohhh, these were standard release. Niiiice! I thought these were gonna be GSC exclusive. It's now or never!
0Vor 6 Monatenteliiiiteliiii
LivingDaylight (Vor 6 Monaten) #16597415and no rerelease for the first set, sigh

I like to believe someday they will re-release it but the wait is so hard
2Vor 6 MonatenNyangireNyangire
ordered the whole set,
forget dress up, these are the perfect accesories for me.
Nendoroid faces are too amusing, and i cant wait to put them on my favorite nendoroids!
April cant come soon enoguh

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