K-ON! - Akiyama Mio - 1/8 - 5th Anniversary (Ani...K-ON! - Akiyama Mio - 1/8 - 5th Anniversary (Animaru!, Stronger)



Orders via Animaru can be placed until the 31st May 2016



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19Vor 2 Jahren (Vor 1 Jahr)Knight-HartKnight-Hart
"New K-On scale figures."
Nope, I'm good, there's plenty of other K-on figures. I will resist...

"Look at the artwork it's based on!"
Nah, they don't even look that good...

"Hey, the new Asu-nya figure is up for preorder!"

Fine, I give up. Tell me when to pre-order.

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0Vor 10 Tagen (Vor 13 Stunden)MikadocolorsMikadocolors
Really want her ! So if you're selling her in Europe, PM me =) (Found her on Mandarake)
0Vor 2 Monaten (Vor 1 Monat)kittymckkittymck
Selling her new from the UK. Also selling the rest new. PM me for details.
0Vor 2 Monatenalazif03alazif03
I ordered her in France and I'm still waiting for her to be released here. Maybe she's coming by feet from Japan... And that's really killing me!!!! HURRY UP MIO!!!!
0Vor 3 MonatenSztikeSztike
8780 JPY [ext link ]
0Vor 3 Monatenevilcat005evilcat005
Available for pre-order @ Lunar Toy Store
FREE Continental U.S. shipping on all orders over $150
Guaranteed pre-order price
$0 down pre-order when using credit card
Hassle free pre-order cancellation
#19167328 // Sponsored by Lunar Toy S...
0Vor 3 MonatenMarsGamingMarsGaming
Selling brand new for 96 + shipping. United States
0Vor 3 Monaten (Vor 3 Monaten)mhtoyshopmhtoyshop
In Stock @ MHToyShop.com ($99.99)
Product page - (ext link)
0Vor 3 MonatenWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Well, TOM actually delivered today, and Mio is mine. Our long national nightmare... er, I mean, my long personal nightmare is over. I hope the rest of those of us who ordered from US-based shops finally get theirs soon.
0Vor 3 MonatenCategoryKingCategoryKing
Selling new for $105 and shipping free in the US with tracking. I will consider international, but would need to charge the additional cost of shipping since international can be incredibly expensive. sale #122875
0Vor 3 Monaten (Vor 3 Monaten)Ruthenium92Ruthenium92
WanderingWastrel (Vor 3 Monaten) #18805504TOM claims to be shipping her. Of course they claim a lot of things. They've made a shipping label for mine, just the shipping label, and literally nothing else.

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