Tomoe Mami巴 マミ

Tomoe Mami
View spoilerHide spoilerA Puella Magi contracted to Kyubey and a third year student at Madoka's school, living alone in a penthouse after her parents' deaths. She has the ability to produce a near-infinite amount of flintlock rifles which look like Tanegashima, she can also use ribbons to suspend her enemies, and is also able to perform healing magic. Kyubey approaches her after being involved in a serious car accident, which claimed the lives of her parents, so she was forced to use her wish to save her own life. Unlike other Puella Magi, who mostly focus on obtaining valuable Grief Seeds, Mami is particularly focused on saving those around her. Distrustful of Homura, she threatens her and possibly willingness to kill if needed be. Though her outward disposition is cheery and friendly, she is aware of the dangerous aspects and possibility of losing her life as a Puella Magi and feels isolated and alone with no one to turn to that will understand her problems and offer comfort. When Madoka offers to become her partner and save her from her loneliness, she cries tears of joy. However, she is killed immediately after during a battle with a witch, a fact that weighs heavily on both Madoka and Sayaka and disillusions the glamorous notions of being a Puella Magi. According to Kyubey, she never knew the truth concerning the Soul Gems and origins of Witches. In a previous timeline erased from memory by Homura, learning these truths drove Mami insane and she attempted to murder all other Puella Magi, regardless of their friendships, to prevent them from becoming Witches, only to be killed by Madoka.


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