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  • Vor 7 Sekunden
    In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥2,450)

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    karolannafellows listed a new ad
  • Vor 2 Minuten
    Collection order on the profile being a random group of items in a random order is somewhat annoying. I tend to like going back to newer purchased items and overall like having a small wishlist where I can memorize the placement of everything in it to quickly check something in it from my profile.

    There's a TON of extra dead-space. Activity log is horrendous because it pretty much covers the whole page from top to bottom as opposed to a tiny little section like before with all of the excess space going on.

    The area around the profile icon that shows user info has less going on in more space and overall looks like a tumblr blog header. It's designed for a cover banner, which only Supporters or important boarders get, shafting over half the userbase. Overall, the set-up as a whole and amount of important, locked settings to fix some of it feels like it's designed with Supporters in mind.

    Less figures show on the profile too with much more emphasis on the user themselves. It's like our figure collections aren't important anymore, ironic given the site's name.
  • Vor 2 Minuten
    "Preços e Prazos dos Serviços Internacionais

    O Novo Modelo não altera os preços praticados pelos Correios para os serviços de encomendas internacionais, permanecendo o Despacho Postal no valor de R$ 12.

    Sobre as encomendas internacionais incide o Imposto de Importação (II) na alíquota de 60% e o Imposto sobre a Circulação de Mercadorias e Serviços (ICMS), com alíquota diferenciada por estado da Federação e por tipo de mercadoria.

    Os valores dos tributos e serviços serão informados de forma detalhada em um demonstrativo único, disponível no ambiente “Minhas Importações”."

    Parece que os R$12,00 dos Correios também não sumirão mesmo não havendo mais retirada em agências...
  • Vor 3 Minuten
    Stacycmc (Vor 35 Minuten) #27324735So far...after playing with many settings...I like it..think they still have some kinks to work out, but so far it's good I think. HOWEVER, I do hate the icons someone mentioned earlier....the owned, ordered, favorite icons that show up on your collection thumbnails... Seemed like before they were smaller and less obnoxious, but still useful. Now they are too big and bulky to me.
    Also, if I'm in my collection under "owned" I don't need to see that dang icon on every thumbnail....obviously I own these figures....I'm in the "owned" section of my collection. It's very distracting.

    Actually remembered that you can in fact turn those tiny icons off, but it's off for the whole site which I personally find annoying. Though still easier to see on your own profile with them off. (Should not have to sacrifice a feature already on the site in order to gain visibility and function!!! urghgh)
  • Vor 5 Minuten
    Kotobukiya submitted a blog post
  • Vor 6 Minuten
    I've had this problem before but sometimes i would get an error message and sometimes i wouldn't and it would just loop me like its going to you. I finally figured out my bank was blocking my card even though I'd used it before a billion times. It amused me a little because they were like "...I see 12 charge attempts here.." I'm like WELL, IT SHOULDA WORKED. 3:

    Try a different card or call your bank cus that may be the problem. I have a debit and a credit card for the same bank and for some reason even after talking to my bank, the debit was the only one that would work.
  • Vor 6 Minuten
    "Victor's face instead"
    Well it really is just like Victor to steal the show! xD

    And this is seriously adorable! Aww! <3
  • Vor 7 Minuten
    Off the top of my head here are a few solutions:

    ♦ Try attaching your credit card to PP
    ♦ Call your bank cause they may be blocking it thinking its fraud
    ♦ Try another browser or device

    If these don't work try contacting Manda about the issue.