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While I am not a fan of the new design and some features aren't working like I liked, MFC still works for the basic functions I joined for.

I can still see what new additions have been made for figures, keep track of items I am interested in in my wish list, keep track of what I own and, most importantly, keep track of what I am buying, which store I am buying it from, when the expected release date is, and how much I am spending for it. You can do this on an excel, but you'll be missing the community. I didn't join for this initially, but it's a very helpful aspect.

I don't like the look of it, but I think it's something we can look past so long as all of the features are working as we would like them to. And I don't think there is really an alternative with a database that is as extensive.

But with that said, there are still improvements that need to be made.

And tbh I would be very thankful if the design aspect would be improved.
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Probably not the best question to ask here. Like the new layout or not, MFC is still a great and unique site. You won't find anything like it with the amazing community that have contributed so much to it's database anywhere else.
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I made a comparison, figures have become more and more expensive, but the quality..
There are many other problems like the absence of orange lines on her shorts

15Vor 1 TagMudMateMudMate
There is no escape

Once you are here

you can never leave
14Vor 1 Tagdarkrosedarkrose
I can tolerate the layout changes and UI changes.
But something needs to be done for the database search :(
It is so difficult to search for an item now
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I (sadly) don't know a site like this one, but I don't think the profile lay out is that bad compared to other worse things, for instince: I personally despise the search engine and the long waiting times for everytime I open something (it's not my wi-fi before this update it was never slow), for instince: It takes a really long time to open a figure/product page on MFC.
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(mfc link);
Any links from v3 will go to v3 except content like product pages it seems.

Shortcut to collections is:
(mfc link); Although, again, you can click on collections from your profile page and it'll take you to the v3 version.
12Vor 1 TagSuperMilkSuperMilk
IceMan45 (Vor 1 Tag) #27482797Sorry didn't notice. Point taken. But you don't have to be rude about it.

God you're obnoxious, you quote them in a belittling manner saying that what they think will never happen, twice, and when they quote you back asking why you needed to quote them again and you get all defensive and tell them not to be rude. What the hell? Seems like you're the rude one here.
11Vor 21 Stunden (Vor 21 Stunden)riringoriringo
I totally get you. The profile pages revamping is the last straw for me as well since it kind of cripples how I use the site. I don't blame you for wanting to jump ship, since I planned to jump ship too if it wasn't for the alternate way to view the V3 profile (which is literally the only reason I will still update my collection on here).

I don't really understand why people are all up in your face about leaving though. It's not like we're contractually or morally obligated to stay with this site?
11Vor 1 Taggundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Welcome to the Hotel California!
11Vor 1 Tagdollbyndollbyn
"Cancer design" Lol, okay. Reasoning is questionable, but I wouldn't mind learning about more places like MFC, especially if they include merch and media that don't originate in Japan.
10Vor 1 Taghugtowerhugtower
There's a rumor floating around that someone's working on an alternative but I've never seen anything more than "apparently someone's working on an alternative" so I doubt its veracity. In any case, it seems like a pipe dream because it would take a lot of manpower and time to build up the database to match this site's.
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As bad as the new website is it's still a lot more convenient than doing spreadsheets
I remember a few years ago I bailed on MAL because their design started trying to be more "social network" as well. That and their community sucks.
Luckily there was Anilist but sadly that does not seem to be the case here.
9Vor 13 Stunden (Vor 12 Stunden)ShourinShourin
My spreadsheet. Prices have been blacked out, but essentially I have the exact amount that I have order everything for thus far and then I have an estimated price in different text formatting for things that have not yet been paid for. For those items, I have the JPY amount that I know of (i.e. usually before shipping). The total column just adds the previous total with the next item (now that I think about it, I can just have one cell that generates a SUM(<col>) but oh well). And then there's some stuff to cover for TOM things. The costs on the image sheets are just linked back to the Numbers one so any changes are instantly reflected. I use the UID to link the image links back to the Numbers sheet so that the specific row selection will be selected as you see in the vid.

The exclamation marks on the image sheets are items I have not yet received (it's not the most up-to-date and there may be some errors and there are definitely missing links). I then highlight items based on if I'm considering selling them, if I am selling them, and if they have been sold (at which point, I alter the "bought" price to reflect the amount the item was sold for).

The last page is just me trying to plan out spacing a bit as that heavily influences my purchasing decisions now (as I will not be allocating much more space to this hobby).

I note note that I do not care about release dates, when I get things is when I get them (same with payments). I originally had that information, but I quickly realized that it'd be way too much of a pain to properly keep track with the volume of figures I once was racking in. If I ever need an exact date of purchase, I have receipts and order confirmations in my e-mail. If I am ever wondering when something is going to be released, I'll just check here. But I also don't need to re-allocate my funds every month so for delays (anything not spent just carries over to the next) and so orders stockpiling doesn't matter all that much.
8Vor 1 TagBlackfire89Blackfire89
like why would you take the effort to delete old posts and so on... this isnt really necessary.. but well, i know the kind of people who do this, and they are never liked much.

If you want to go then nobody will stop you, sure there are guys who are displeased and will turn negative to you, but what you do just increases people who dislike you, just sayin lol
8Vor 1 Tagkyoshinheikyoshinhei
Tough one.
The ideal solution would be to find someone that has broken his figure and is selling the accessories on Ebay but given the rarity of the figure, this is quite unlikely.

Browsing the Internet I found 2 solutions that seem to be worth a try though:
- Ironing with a paper towel on top in hopes of melting the glue and having it sucked by the towel.
[ext link ]
- Using stain remover.
[ext link ]

If you decide to try one of these, don't do it on the jacket. Get yourself a scrap of dark colored satin fabric from somewhere, intentionally spill some glue on that, let it set and then try to remove it.
Also try to find an old T-shirt that has a similar kind of transfer and test the effects on that too.

Once you find a working method, don't rush it. Keep practicing on the test cloth until you're absolutely sure that you've got the hang of it.
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If I take this blog at face value and I see sitting I will go with this figurine which I truly want even if it is a male character. This would be how I would think a harem king should be. He would be well surrounded by my 200 Bishoujo collection.


Unfortunately he was never made in pvc. It's a garage kit.

= )

8Vor 18 Stundenterramishuterramishu nyan?
I'm on the same boat! It has been difficult for me to use the website, so much that I am avoiding MFC... I really miss the old clean design which is now replaced by something clunkier. Is there a place where we could submit feedback and suggestions?
8Vor 21 Stundenmikki-malumikki-malu
Myanimeshelf is the only other database I know. I have profiles here and there coz I like blog system on MAS more and here the database is bigger (MAS doesn't allow books and has limits for merchandise at this point coz they don't have enough mods to constantly monitor all that, on the other hand MAS allows some figures mfc doesn't) MAS is indeed mostly Russian now but it has English interface and building an international community is only a matter of people coming to the site. Both being databases MAS and mfc are different, so collectors actually have some choice which imo is good.

Also, if it's important to anyone, MAS owner is easier to reach :) Whenever some changes are implemented he's responsive when people ask questions and report bugs :))

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