Vor 5 MinutenTiamat26Tiamat26
Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!

Vor 5 MinutenGandalfGandalf
So annoying that this isn't painted yet. Especially when the Konosuba bunnies came from nowhere painted and up for pre-order shortly after. I can understand they moved quick to capitalise on popularity but this show's pretty popular too.
Vor 8 MinutenAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Early Birthday Dan ^^!
Vor 10 Minutenashtonleeashtonlee
Kiz-xo (Vor 2 Stunden) #20550023Damn, that is some dedication. I Have like 8 other things pre ordered xD
(Luckily its pay upon release so i have until release date to save~)

Lol. I could also order but I don't really like pay on release cuz I don't know there is that thought of debt at the back of my mind till the end. So I usually try to pay on PO. That's the reason I hardly use amiami too. Only for items which are sold out on bij.
Vor 12 MinutenKumoitachiKumoitachi
So, I've preoordered im now on Amiami, I hope Megahouse improves the colors until his release. He's a bit too glossy imo. But overall, I really like this figure! I'm super excited for Yuuri!
Vor 15 Minutenskmmskmm
Emily_katie (Vor 1 Monat) #18746157what are the main differences between this and the 274 version? does she just come with a few more accessories?'

I want to know this too ^^
Vor 17 MinutenGandalfGandalf
Louise-Chan (Vor 3 Stunden) #20548230I think now on the official pics she looks very great *^*

Yeah it's looking good, I'm not sure if they changed it or it was a factor of the unpainted pics but I can't see any proportion issues now.

Fingers crossed this'll be up on AmiAmi like Saber, it'd be a pain to order otherwise.
Vor 22 MinutenTVAngelTVAngel
okami34 (Vor 12 Stunden) #20536165I would be willing to do that if I know other people are willing to do that as well.

You could also message them on here, they have an account. They reply in 2-3 days.

I already send a message, and they said it isn't cancelled. But that's it.
Vor 30 MinutenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Campanella! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Vor 33 MinutenPepakuraPepakura
Belikov_xp (Vor 16 Stunden) #20528714OMG I LOVE IT!!
Is that Eli Ayase?

Thank you! :) That's at least one part of it! The hair is Eli. I swapped out the faceplate for Elsa's and used the broom and hat from the Marisa nendoroid. The outfit, book, hat band/buckle, wings, and even the shoes were sculpted from epoxy putty. I went with acrylic for the paint.
Vor 33 MinutenAnjichanAnjichan
Happy Birthday!
Vor 34 Minutenskmmskmm
starlightshine (Vor 35 Minuten) #20552850A figure already?! That's fast. But that price tag...
Also what's with that pole up his ass

My thoughts exactly haha
Vor 35 MinutenHSkeletonHSkeleton
Brilliant shot, really highlights all the details of the figure. Still can't believe what a step up this is for Lechery.
Vor 35 Minutenstarlightshinestarlightshine
A figure already?! That's fast. But that price tag...

Also what's with that pole up his ass
Vor 38 MinutenHSkeletonHSkeleton
Yes! Love it!
Vor 43 MinutenEmily_katieEmily_katie
YamiUsagi (Vor 4 Stunden) #20547968I wouldn't say collecting was discouraged when I was a kid, but neither of my parents(especially my mom) like having unnecessary things lying around. I have always loved stuff though. It sounds materialistic (and it kinda is) but I gotta be honest. As a kid I had lots of stuffed animals but that was more driven by people buying them for me than actively collecting them. I wasn't into any of the things kids normally collect either, so I suppose the collecting bug didn't awaken until I hit my teenage years. And as far as I know, there isn't anyone in my family who collects(could be on my dad's side though. I don't really know them too well).
But to collect something, I have to REALLY like it. My active collections right now are: figures, art prints, and keychains of my favorite character. They keychain collection is growing the fastest since I don't really have money for figures...

I suppose collecting is a totally materialistic hobby, but that's fine :) and yes Keychains are way too easy to accumulate haha
Vor 45 MinutenEmily_katieEmily_katie
Heldrik (Vor 4 Stunden) #20547697If I were to have "collecting" running through my veins, it would mostly be from my mother's side.
When he retired, my late grandfather started travelling around a world (mostly in Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East) and he liked to bring local hats as a souvenir. In his old family house, there were around twenty of those: a chullo (Andean knit cap), a nón lá (Vietnamese conical hat), a fez...
My grandmother likes to collect heart-shaped objects, be they jewellery boxes, plates, while my mother likes to do this with cork stoppers (wine is an important part of our culture here where I live) and shoes.
As for myself, I remember I used to collect cards from trading card games (mainly Pokémon and the rather obschure Deus), action figures (Star Wars and TMNT) and Lego. Good lord, was I a hardcore fan of those when I was a kid in the 90's... I remember I had all of Spyrius and Aquanauts as well as loads of Technic and Castle: Dragon Masters (my favorite, that castle was dope), Black Knights, Fright Knights and Royal Knights mainly. Man, it allowed me to have huge rad-awesome playsets. When I think about it, looks like I was fated to like science-fiction and medieval fantasy. I want to have my Lego back, those were much simpler times... ;_;

Lego just seems to be one of those staple toys :')

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