Vor 3 MinutenWaruiHikariWaruiHikari
Okay but real talk, CAN her tail be removed?? Do Nendos detach from the waist? I own so many and yet have never opened any of them to find out ^^'
Vor 14 Minuten (Vor 11 Minuten)franjandarfranjandar
WTF is up with her eyes and blush (mfc link)[]=categoryId%3A5&context[]=itemId%3A592842
It looks so wierd... Plus the price ccompared to the qaulity of the figure doesn't match up at all... I'm glad that I didn't end up ordering her.

Edit: Also what's up with the seem line (mfc link)[]=categoryId%3A5&context[]=itemId%3A592842
This just adds more reason on why I'd like to order another Sagiri figure that isn't this over priced and bad in general.
Vor 21 Minutenmissprototypemissprototype
Can anyway give an estimate on how long it took for them to get their rerelease from amiami as USAL? (´ω`゚) It typically has taken me about 2 weeks for orders like this but as week 3 goes by I'm starting to get nervous ;w;
thanks '-' Daniii (Vor 6 Stunden) #27381627utrolig
I will go.
:D EXi (Vor 57 Minuten) #27413203amazing, create one with the megaman, please
Vor 26 MinutenReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
let it be in nendo form, or a prize figure, or a scale... BUT GIVE PIKO SOME LOVE
great job!!!
Vor 34 MinutenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board poklin! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Vor 34 MinutenJeroenXP1JeroenXP1
I do think that prices increase because it sells well and the anime figure collectors are growing outside japan as well. But in the end I am willing to still buy more Sonico figures etc to hopefully one day complete my collection. Unless they will start selling them for 300-500€ each :P

Also I'm from the Netherlands too and wanted to tell you to check Archonia. But then I saw the price of the figure you mentioned even costing more with shipping and customs costs combined when ordering from Amiami. I guess Archonia needs to earn money ofc but still adding another 40-50 euro's :/
Vor 37 Minutenvirusvillevirusville
oh my god!
Vor 38 MinutenImuyaImuya
solluxcaptor (Vor 2 Stunden) #27410869Your Kill La Kill display is amazing, I love those garage kits! So many good choices here :D

Ehehe thank you! I need better risers, it's a bit of a squeeze right now in there with such wide risers x____x
Vor 40 MinutenGinFizzGinFizz
Giving up my preorder from BIJ, if anyone interested, please PM :)
Vor 40 Minutenorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
like the users below me said, you should get or make a light box! You can make one out of a smallish cardboard box and stretchy white fabric and a piece of paper (and tape and scissors) it'll look crappy from the outside but it will do the job you need!
Vor 43 Minuten (Vor 41 Minuten)greenknightgreenknight
aeonia (Vor 1 Stunde) #27412869Hmmm extremely tempting...
I have to see the measurements first.

Based on this video from STGCC 2017 in Singapore, measurements are about:

Height 25 inches (63 cm)
Width 20 inches (50 cm)
Depth 16.5 inches (43 cm)

[ext link ]
Vor 44 MinutenTimmehTimmeh
Woah. Very surprised and very happy to see xxxholic being noticed. That series has really beautiful artwork and Yuuko is beautiful with her many outfits.
Vor 45 Minutenaxlzxaxlzx
Vor 45 Minutenaxlzxaxlzx
kawai °w°

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