Vor 4 Stundensliusareksliusarek
Dear Lord, yes.
Vor 4 Stundenchainfirechainfire
Note: These are custom figures. The standard version is not meant to be cast off, so please don't damage your precious Chloe figure by trying. ☆⌒(>。<)
Vor 4 Stundensliusareksliusarek
She's beautiful! This is the first time I want a figure without knowing anything about the character.
Vor 4 StundenSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
Oh my fuck i wanna go there!

*zoooooomm* that looks nice. do you know anything about that figure?

ps. hit me up if you decide to sell the Pinoko shirt(・∀・)
Vor 5 StundenSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
for serious tho, i've found my collection naturally splitting in two: cute bright coloured girls, and small intricate figures from specific shows.
so i group the girls together cuz they just make a nice 'still life' so to say. and the others by show and size.
(guh i really need to get more gacha so i can make a whole shelf of them. they get lost with other sizes, but look awesome on their own.)
Vor 5 StundenSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
>arrange everything super nice
>buy more
>shit now i have to rearrange everything from scratch
Vor 5 StundenAkiraAkira
So far I really like the work this sculptor has been making with their sword boys.
Vor 5 StundenSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
Jellygem (Vor 8 Stunden) #29732538I made a quick one for fun too lol. It's an alien...cyclops...

that's so cute.
Vor 5 StundenDYRLDYRL
I really like this!
Vor 5 Stundensliusareksliusarek
Not sure what's going on, but AmiAmi listed her as pre-order once again and it is set for December. Anyways, I happily ordered mine.
Vor 5 StundenGoubatsuGoubatsu
My favorite thing I picked up when I first went to Japan 3 years ago! The music box is fantastic, I didn't even know it was one till I got home!
Vor 5 StundenLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
Individual Shogi pieces. I kinda wished the board was magnetic and so are the pieces.
This so going to be like those tiny flames in the candles of the Sailor Moon Crystal Birthday cake set. O__O
Vor 5 Stunden (Vor 5 Stunden)whoknowswhoknows
skmm (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734897I actually sent them an email asking why SAL Small Packet isn't available for her when in fact other shops are offering that option for this particular figure (I didn't specify which shops though :P) and they replied that due to the figure box in won't fit with Small Packet -- which didn't answer my question AT ALL, mind.
I don't know about you guys but I've seen a lot of boxes that I wouldn't even expect to fit in the standard Small Packet box size but fit they did.
I'm leaning towards these explanations:
AmiAmi LOVES their padding and custom-sized boxes, which can be borderline ridiculous. I once ordered one of those folding containers and they shipped it in this gigantic box which was 3/4 paper and 1/4 what I actually ordered, such a waste -_-

It's because Amiami apparently only has two different sizes of boxes so they don't have one it'll fit in and still SAL possible. What business are they in again?

They did this to me with a figure in the past and forced EMS because they used a box that was so big, 2 of the figure could have fit in it with room to spare. I've used them less ever since.
Vor 5 StundenLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
I gotta say, this set is the prettiest Japanese-themed set from Re-Ment to come out after the older non-tie-ups era. For me, the only set that surpasses this is the I Love Kyoto set (which I still don't have...)
Vor 5 Stunden (Vor 5 Stunden)SerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
personally i would try to track down the original o a big sale or in damaged condition. for quality consideration.

but if theres no luck finding a cheap original, then i suppose theres no avoiding bootlegs.

and if youre considering making more customs in the future, see if you can learn to recast the parts. its cheaper than buying an all new set every time and sounds fun.

ive been chasing item #41100 for so long, because she would be absolutelly perfect for this custom (mfc link)
but shes super rare and expensive, so when i find her, im definitely trying to recast her instead of butchering the original
Vor 5 StundenMC707MC707
Sayu (Vor 1 Monat) #27413101Does someone know anything about Kadokawa? There is a lot of figures on March and I'm afraid about quality of this manufacturer...
I was wondering this too. I guess we'll have to find out ourselves. Please don't disappoint!
Vor 5 Stundenxxkurenaixshixxxxkurenaixshixx
So many BL goods i_i....
Glad that you enjoyed your time there =D
Vor 5 StundenCarolineMarie99CarolineMarie99
Thank you!
Futaba (Vor 11 Stunden) #29730591First, you have to search for your figure through the database, for example Aoba item #116883, then you clik on 'create an ad' [ext link ] and you complete all the information needed (price, your location, item condition, description) and pick your pictures, then 'I've read and understood the guidelines' and clik on 'save' [ext link ]
(here the links for the other items you plan to sell, do the same as above
Kaito: item #144317
Levi: item #166955
Miku: item #236245)
Hope it helps.
Vor 5 Stunden (Vor 5 Stunden)LivingDaylightLivingDaylight
[quote=]And well, this is just my opinion but the recent releases these past 3 months haven't been very exciting at all to me. As of now I only have 1 figma that I actually want pre-ordered and it's release is in March, my last was in Oct. I'm not into re-releases, wrestlers, old men from Japan, anime styled western characters or school girls.

Ahahaha! I sorta feel you. Yup these japanese salarymen and schoolgirls really give wtf feeling. On the other hand table museum line is great. Guess it's all about personal preferences, after all it's japanese company not western so they apply to their domestic audience first and us foreigners second. If anything feels like they have to expand in order to produce more various figmas a month. Both mainstream and niche.
Only one? Lucky you) I have about five at 2018 and I'm on budget(

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