Vor 2 StundenKeelloo17Keelloo17
Just got her today. She's quite a nice figure and one of my favorites I've gotten in some time. Shame it hasn't gotten a whole lot of notice.
Vor 2 Stunden (Vor 2 Stunden)XorKoSXorKoS
Je vais pas reprendre tout ce qui a été dit, mais en gros je partage plutôt l'avis des gens gens ici, et puis ça ne coûte rien de leurs demander ce qu'ils en pensent et si c'est ok.

Après personnellement je suis mal placé pour parler vu que toutes mes figures sont chez moi loin de ma famille et seul mon père les vois, je sais que ma mère serait beaucoup plus difficile, surtout à cause de leurs prix mais bon ... ^^'

Bah, pour moi l'argument principal c'et surtout que ce sont ces figurines que tu veux, et que d'une manière ou d'une autre tu risques de les posséder un jours, que ce oit eux qui te les offres ou que tu te les achètes toi même je ne pense pas que cela change grand chose ^^.

Edit : Sinon je ne pense pas que noyer ces figurines dans la masse ou éviter la "confrontation" soit dans ton intérêt, je pense juste que tu devrais leurs dire que ces celles là que tu veux et que tu leurs expliques pourquoi tu les veux, si tu leurs dit par exemple que ToLove est une série qui rigole beaucoup avec ce fameux "comique de nudité" ou j'sais pas comment on dirait ça en français, et que les figurines de cette série sont souvent dénudé .. bah voila il y a rien de plus à dire ^^ Perso, même si j'ai vu des tonnes de trucs que je juge mieux, ToLove est et sera surement toujours un de mes péché-mignon, et comme Lala est surement mon personnage préféré parmis tout les personnages d'animé/manga, je m'en fout complètement de ce qu'on peut dire d'une figurine comme celle là item #464681 ou celle là item #286484
Je me fait plaisir et je les achète, ou en l’occurrence me les fait offrir, je pense que posséder ces figurines me fait bien plus plaisir que ce que n'importe qui pourra dire de négatif dessus.

Sinon c'est cool que tu collectionnes des figurines avec un de tes amis, perso j'ai jamais vu d'autres figurines que les miennes haha, et bienvenue parmi nous.
Vor 2 StundenScrimshawScrimshaw
Selling for $60, with box, PM if interested or if more details are needed.
sale #131095
Vor 2 StundenScrimshawScrimshaw
Selling for $75, with box, PM if interested or if more details are needed
sale #131096
Vor 2 StundenNanamiaNanamia
So cute!! ^^
Vor 2 StundenKinaestheticKinaesthetic
Kureiji (Vor 3 Stunden) #22656288Well you should tell them why you like that specific figure without beating around the bush. Be frank and tell that in simple words without stretching it or trying to sound like a salesman trying to gain a edge. The bigger deal you make of it the bigger it feels like. If they don't approval of buying those kind of figures as a gift then that's okay. You basically just learned a bit more on what your parents see in your figure collection. If they do approval of buying those kind of figures then you won't have to struggle hiding/unboxing 'sexy' figures when no one looking to avoid disapproval comments.
My parents practically are okay with and generally encourage me to point that I have some figurines display in the living room. My mom in specific generally teases me about how I got a new 'toy'. I'm always cleaning my 'toys', moving my 'toys', and playing with my 'toys'. She also make joke about how sexy the dark skin bunny girl(Muramasa) or how the pink bikini girl(Sonico) going to make man drop to their knee. So I didn't have to justify myself it was more like oh you got this well that's that.
Wish ya the best of luck on talking to ya parents!

That is easily the best advice here. The worst thing that anyone can really say is "no".
Vor 2 StundenDarkdman00Darkdman00
Could ask for the fundings as your gift then buy the figure(s) in question.
It's a lame present but might be able to avoid any awkwardness.... =3
Vor 2 Stundenronnibun41ronnibun41
Just a heads up for those who ordered from Anime Island: they got their shipment in~
Vor 2 Stunden (Vor 2 Stunden)FNFictionFNFiction
Pancakes (Vor 7 Stunden) #22646590It's just that the first release didn't look at all like the prototype. This had the potential to be the best Mikasa figure, and like someone else already said, she had the best face of all.
But looking at the user pictures, I see she became one of the worst Mikasa figures.

The Mikasa figure is really close (almost identical) to the prototype. It is the Levi figure that was way different.
Vor 3 StundenZephiyraZephiyra
Just unpacked her today. She's a very cute prize figure, I absolutely love the dynamic pose and her face is actually pretty good as well. I also expected her base to be bigger, especially since Reimu's base was huge, but it's really tiny compared to the figure itself! But it does its job in keeping the figure balanced well, so that's just a plus.

The biggest flaw in this figure would probably be the quality. Mine came in covered in small dark stains (luckily they weren't very persistent, a few rubs with a magic eraser removed most of the stains) and unclean paint edges. A (seam) gap in her underskirt seemed to have been smeared full of paint in an attempt to fill it, and there were actually some visible paint strokes on the white underside of her skirt. I know it's just a prize figure, but I've seen better prizes when it comes to to paint quality.
Vor 3 StundenArigatoArigato
i am fuckin vibrating with excitement i need her so badly holy shit
Vor 3 StundenDaisicleDaisicle
I mean, she's no GSC scale, but I'll take what I can get.
Vor 3 Stundenmoonangelicamoonangelica
theyasminshow (Vor 7 Stunden) #22647318Version field ^^

Hey I have added a title in the version field on these for items item #588218, item #588216, item #588217 and item #588219. Is this what you were meaning?

I should note the name I have put is not official as they don't have a set title (which I'm a little concerned about). Though maybe I've made at a bit too generic? Does 'Garden Wall' work or should it be something more like 'Detective Conan Clearfile Set: Garden Wall' to prevent any accidental editions from something else?
Vor 3 Stunden (Vor 3 Stunden)ScrimshawScrimshaw
Selling with box, $55, buyer pays shipping.
PM me if more details are needed.
sale #131093
Vor 3 Stundenhugtowerhugtower
Vor 3 Stundendymitrdymitr
Kotobukiya (Vor 5 Stunden) #22651807Or is it that Europe doesn't love Japan?! JK. The best advice I can offer is to continue requesting your favorite items at your local retailer, as the more requests they get, the more likely they are to recognize the demand and start carrying those products :)

Our "local" retailers tend to be very few, usually in neighbouring countries where you end up paying premium prices, due to the heavy domestic shipping atop on the heavy taxes charged on both shipping and goods which are ciphered over in the retail prices along with heavy profit margins. Not even mentioning the low stock that is usually bought in...

Quite frustating if you consider that Europe's trade decades ago with the east made Japan to the flourished nation it is today. So no, Europe loves Japan, it always has. But for some reason Japan is only willing to love the colonies... And not the homeland.

So disheartening.
Vor 3 StundenHeavySeasofLoveHeavySeasofLove
Looking to sell both Nagito and Hajime for $200. Both are in great shape and are still sealed.
Vor 3 StundenHeavySeasofLoveHeavySeasofLove
Looking to sell both Nagito and Hajime for $200. Both are in great shape and are still sealed.
Vor 3 StundenYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
born_of_lilith (Vor 18 Stunden) #22631171Got mine yesterday. I seem to be one of the first so I tried to take some pictures despite my phone camera's shit quality lol. She looks great in person, really fun to pose. The only downside is the wings which are pretty floppy but that's how the Femto figure is so I was already half-way expecting that. They do the job though, just don't expect to be doing any crazy poses with her wings without propping them up or something.

thx!! I was looking for real pics of her for days XDD

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