Vor 2 Stunden (Vor 2 Stunden)MilurielMiluriel
Now, I agree that you should be able to collect what you like, and these figures are not really the worst there is - but I'd definitely consider them NSFW (the second more than the first), and wouldn't exactly ask my parents to give them to me.

I wouldn't mind them seeing them in my room after buying them myself. But if I ask for a gift, I try to pick something that I know they will feel good about giving me. (Like I wouldn't ask my friends to give me, I don't know, a nice towel. But I might ask my grandma.) And with this I'd be not so sure. Of course it very much depends on your parents and your relationship with them.

If these are the only two figures you are interested in at all, and you think your parents will be fine with it, go for it. Personally I would just look for something more "normal" for those normal people's eyes ;)
Vor 2 StundenHeldrikHeldrik
I really enjoy photos taken at dawn or dusk because of the particular lighting, and this picture is just the kind I like: peaceful, relaxing and comfy. In fact, its simplicity is its main strength.

Good job and congratulations for the "visual pun" of taking a picture at dawn of a character from a Sunrise show.
Vor 2 StundenVeneticaVenetica
Really pissed that I bought the soft versions of Rias and Akeno when a superior version of each was announced immediately afterwards.
Vor 2 Stundenazusamukamiazusamukami
puppincuppie (Vor 15 Stunden) #22633862hello there!
How are you? Are you excited for any figures that are coming out?
Vor 2 StundenPupazpupazPupazpupaz
Kirito_Kun2 (Vor 1 Tag) #22604880I'm liking her face less and less...
Why lol
This is supposed to be the light novel Rem, not the anime one
Vor 2 Stunden (Vor 2 Stunden)SkellingtonSkellington
Aurora08 (Vor 3 Stunden) #22655647My mom doesn't want me to buy any figures as in anything, but I like collecting figures so I'm like mom just be supportive :) She thought everything is way too expensive and that I'm just wasting my money. But I said I'm getting happy with collecting I don't know why but it gives me happiness idk in what way. Most of my relatives are against it and I'm feeling lonely because of that. They said you're too immature for figures like that. Sometimes they are degrading but I leaned on this figure when I'm down. I tried looking at their inner beauty like this figure is smiling back at me;. Weird but I don't know. Everyone is against it. But I found this website that supports figure collecting

Just happened to read this and I totally get what your going through and wanted to show that you're not alone, my parents are against it as well, my mother is like you've got enough allready and it costs too much (she's very strict can't even ride the car furthest I've driven is 12 km), fun fact I'm 25 am at university and had my drivers license for about 6 years. So I basically said to myself, screw this I'll order what I want and just ordered stuff, I'll take the heat when it comes XD

More on topic I have Sadi-chan who's a little more risque and have a couple of Nami figures and my parents don't actually complain but tease me about it sometimes -_-
Vor 2 Stundenskmmskmm
Kaneel (Vor 9 Stunden) #22640344item #549417
This whole saber mess should hopefully be cleared before wonfes next month.

Thanks! haha
Vor 2 Stundenokami34okami34
Did you ask for more of the figure to be shown?Aurora08 (Vor 18 Stunden) #22631167he did send me all the sides photos and with the box. But the upper part is not shown.
Vor 2 Stundendevastatordevastator
So my peg finally broke =( Not only that but part of her staff somehow got stuck in her left hand so now her hand has broken pieces stuck to it. I wonder if GSC customer service can still help out even though its been over a year since release.
Vor 2 StundenScrimshawScrimshaw
Selling for $70, with box, from pet/smoke free house.
Also selling a few more figures, check out my shop, and if any extra info in needed PM me.
sale #131100
Vor 2 StundenMilurielMiluriel
Just popping in to say I like your taste! Okay, bye :D
Vor 2 StundenEbonwingEbonwing
Well, at least something wasn't delayed.
Vor 2 Stundendymitrdymitr
psykoli (Vor 1 Tag) #22596368[ext link ]
Kiss from Paris

A nice fit, though the weather seems quite dreary.
Vor 2 StundenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Boamaru! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Vor 2 Stundenchachachowchachachow je suis gomen
Williham1234 (Vor 5 Stunden) #22651831Ah okay thanks, I thought it'd be high but didn't think it'd be that high! @w@..;

Doesn't hurt to ask c:! Her box is enormous omg, literally double the size of what I anticipated
Vor 2 Stunden (Vor 2 Stunden)ScrimshawScrimshaw
Selling for $60, with box. Also selling some other figures, check out my shop or PM me for more info if you are interested.
sale #131097
Vor 2 StundenSilverySilvery
S-stupid sexy Star Platinum... If they ever release him, I'd be inclined to buy him, even though I don't collect larger action figures.
Vor 2 StundenRizuRizu
User (Vor 2 Tagen) #22584584Sigue todo igual para retirar en aduana no? Ir con el carton el VEP pago la DJ y todo eso no?
Yo fui a la de Retiro hace dos semanas y me pidieron el telegrama, el comprobante de pago del VEP y la declaración jurada impresa.

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