Vor 4 Stunden (Vor 4 Stunden)solidsnake994solidsnake994
Selling as a complete set w/ Vox Lympha and Vox Ignis (no box, but all parts included for all) for $50.

(mfc link)
Vor 4 StundenJellygemJellygem
SerpentyleTorc (Vor 5 Stunden) #29737796that's so cute.

thank you!
Vor 4 Stunden (Vor 4 Stunden)Heavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
I love it. Awesome review and many thanks. But it makes me sad that all the figures which I add to my wishlist are in the range of 15K to 20K. Why is this happening to me. Aahhhhhhh!!!!
Vor 4 Stundensolidsnake994solidsnake994
Selling mine. Brand new, sealed. Just arrived from Otaku Mode for $110. (mfc link)
Vor 4 StundenDYRLDYRL
Honestly, I'm in the same boat as you about wanting to use bootleg for customization. In the end, I'm just going to get the real versions and pray everything goes well.

I couldn't even find bootlegs of the two figures I wanted to hack up, and tbh I know I wouldn't feel right buying bootlegs anyway.
Vor 4 Stundensliusareksliusarek
Dear Lord, yes.

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