Vor 3 StundenTychoRCTychoRC
TychoRC (Vor 5 Monaten) #18974396Selling for $65 + shipping. Feel free to PM me for pictures or shipping quotes!
sale #117892

Price lowered to $50 + shipping, if anyone is interested :)
Vor 4 Stundenillamasquaillamasqua
I've flattened my boxes and thrown out the blisters. I kept the boxes in the event that I did end up wanting to sell some things and it's easier to prove that I have authentic items with the box that has a sticker on it. At least, that was my reasoning lol.
Vor 4 Stunden (Vor 4 Stunden)Simon101lSimon101l
Does anyone have this figure for sale? Looking for one boxed / mint condition. Message me with offer?
I am based in the UK
Vor 4 StundenA1yxxxanderA1yxxxander
Shourin (Vor 19 Tagen) #24247074Preach. Every time I come back to which to order, the strife intensifies. One might even say that the Temptation calls out to me.

I'm glad I don't care for bunny gals lol.
Vor 4 StundenZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck

Of all lines, why FIGMA </3

Also why does he get the first figure? I'm glad we get some yugioh figures but it's weird lol
Vor 4 Stunden (Vor 4 Stunden)ireniqsireniqs
ireniqs (Vor 2 Tagen) #24889758This is not very promising. :( Mine is in customs, about 3 weeks now, damn. Don't know when it will be delivered and i must pay tax (already got mail from customs). :(((

Ok. At last Motoko is under my house. ^^ It's not very bad. She is not pefect painted, but i don't see any big issues with her. I'm happy to have her in my very modest collection from now on.

And yeah... i paid damn tax. :( About 18 Euros or 20 Dolars.
Vor 4 Stundenwhitewinterdustwhitewinterdust
Valestein3 (Vor 1 Tag) #24911666Kamusta ka na, pare? Ready for that solar Eclipse?
Also, bumili ako nang tatlong baril at saka yong gray carrying case para sa manga armas. Binili ko yong isang M4 model na may scope, shotgun at RPK.
Tulungan mo nga ako, pre! lol Bili kita nang lumpia at saka Red Horse xD

Naku, nakatulog ata ako nu'ng eclipse! Sayang..
Kamusta 'yung case? Sulit naman? Parang ang gusto kong makuha ay 'yung Kriss SMG at G18, kaso ang pinaggamitan ko ng ipon sa ngayon ay scale figures..hahaha
Bakit, pre? Ano ang maitutulong ko? (Ay, hahahaha! Hindi ako nainom ng alak, pero lumpia ayos na ayon 'yan...hahaha!)
Vor 4 Stunden2160321603
Are we there yet?

I think the UN should be informed because waiting for this is like torture.
Vor 4 Stunden2160321603
"Magical Sapphire Figure Cleaner"

That's what that thing is.

Didn't even know I was getting a bonus, then I opened that little box up and was greeted with a nice surprise.
Vor 4 Stundenpurinbunpurinbun
She isn't getting delayed (yet), her release date has been for September for 9 months now. :>

I hope I can get her after release, still going back to her, especially now that the Team Ukyo Nendo isn't moving anywhere. ;;
Vor 4 StundenYanderechiiYanderechii
This is too pure and sweet for my heart ;~;
Vor 4 Stunden (Vor 4 Stunden)Cloudy_CatCloudy_Cat
as much as i want to get her, im not in for TOM's 15$ sal shipping and bs "deals". Amiami, NY, pls
Vor 4 Stundenniallumsniallums
TraMikuni (Vor 10 Stunden) #24963176wishiwashi? cause Lilie came with cosmog, so following from the game.
Cool! I didn't get to play Sun/Moon, so I didn't know. Hope she comes with some cool water trainer accessories: water splash, netball, fishing rod etc.
Vor 4 StundenCloudy_CatCloudy_Cat
Leesha (Vor 6 Tagen) #24749344Hi!
I just wanted to let you know Yuuri came in, your inbox is full so I can't message you :(

Sorry about that! My box should be open now! :)
Vor 4 Stundenammykagamineammykagamine
Still giving up my Amiami preorder. 4200 JPY plus shipping. Please PM if interested :)
Vor 4 StundenKapotthKapotth
Even though I dont like this design that much, it is still Emilia-tan. And after regretting that I didnt bought her, at th9
is price I can fit her easily in my plannings:D
Vor 4 StundenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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