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SerpentyleTorc (Vor 4 Stunden) #29738261Oh my fuck i wanna go there!
*zoooooomm* that looks nice. do you know anything about that figure?
ps. hit me up if you decide to sell the Pinoko shirt(・∀・)

I'm not sure where that figure is from, but they might be a character from Phoenix... Maybe someone in the forums might know?

I'll def let you know about the pinoko shirt haha
Vor 3 StundenTweekTweek
what are you talking about I suck ass at pvp
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Free_Phi (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734029The violet eyes are the giveaway. This is picked up from Daeny's description in the ASoI&F book series.
But Gwendolyn's eyes are violet. Look at Alter's scale from 2008 or Yamato's scale from 2011. They're both a shade of blue-purple. Even the artwork from the game has her with the same eye colour. On a wider scale, violet eyes are not unique to Daenerys... in fact it's a common characteristic for Japanese character deigns. In fact I can think of several artists who seems to have a fetish for that particular eye shade.

Free_Phi (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734029Blend that with the elegiac, mournful vibe of her depiction on GoT, and you've got this character.
Once again, that quality isn't unique to Daeny. Gwen is a valkyrie warrior princess who is struggling with self identity/discovery, so it makes sense why she's elegant and mournful. This figure is literally based on a scene that appears in the original game, I don't see what this has to do with Daeny except it has a similar mood.

Free_Phi (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734029Not sure what you mean by "doesn't matter."
I meant I wouldn't be pressed if Gwen WAS influenced by Daenerys (i.e. I'm not super invested in her character design being 100% original or not).

Free_Phi (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734029Okay, so your less observant and perceptive than Teakatt. So what?
Again, this merely bespeaks the limitations of your powers of perception and pattern recognition.

What makes you think I'm ignorant rather than the other way around? Have you considered that maybe I've just seen and read so much that none of these qualities are exclusively unique to or scream Daenerys to me?

Free_Phi (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734029Influence is not necessarily conscious. Any time an artist revisits or updates a character, he essentially throws it in a blender with everything that colored the pop-culture zeitgeist since the original was created. Daeny's "scent" is unmistakable in this piece.
I never said Gwen was 100% NOT influenced by Daeny, I just said it was equally likely she wasn't. Also it's ironic you're lecturing me about the creative process when I make my living in the creative arts field. Not that you'd know of course, but I wouldn't go around assuming everyone who disagrees with you are uncultured idiots if I were you.

Just to be clear, I wasn't arguing against Gwen being influenced by Daenerys in some way (because I don't care if she was). What I was question was your leap in logic: "there is absolutely no doubt that this figure is highly influenced by the HBO GoT character".
Vor 3 Stundenredriotredriot
ill never pvp you i dont hate myself THAT much
Vor 3 StundenRodiconimusRodiconimus
Since the PotP toys (including Rodimus) are confirmed unchanged from their Hasbro releases, feel free to add them to your collections when you get them after release.
Vor 3 Stundenagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I’m surprised that they didn’t have an easy way to attach Grizelda to her hand. You have to balance her which is the biggest pain in the ass ever if you want that specific pose. Then you have to make sure she’s by nothing that will knock over.
Vor 3 StundenSageGuySageGuy
sliusarek (Vor 5 Stunden) #29737639Not sure what's going on, but AmiAmi listed her as pre-order once again and it is set for December. Anyways, I happily ordered mine.
They probably got some cancellations, and put that stock back up for order, it happens all the time.
Vor 3 Stunden (Vor 3 Stunden)redxmaverickredxmaverick
Needs to be a little more thicker and panties smaller.
Vor 3 Stundengwendal738-2gwendal738-2
Mh. She still looks like a slightly higher quality prize figure. I think I'll pass ToT
Vor 4 StundenJoniVeraJoniVera
Anything with joints, you will have a bad time. Static figure customs are a safer bet.
Lately some fakes have been pretty close to the real thing. Megahouse bootlegs in particular.
Vor 4 StundenxCommandoxCommando
Dang dude, I am quite jealous. ;o; Did you buy them or modify yourself?
Vor 4 Stundencryingtrashcryingtrash
Happy birthday!! :3
Vor 4 Stundencryingtrashcryingtrash
Happy birthday!! :3
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