Vor 3 StundenItzPikachuGirlItzPikachuGirl
If the person somehow cancels, plz pm meee :P
rozelle (Vor 3 Stunden) #29739988Nope! On hold
Vor 3 StundenStacycmcStacycmc
Count me in the 1% with you then...I MUCH prefer Figma over Nendroids.

I can only hope Figma stays around...I love them. So fun to pose and snap fun pics of...Nendo's just don't cut it.
Vor 3 StundenItzPikachuGirlItzPikachuGirl
Did you sell them ;-;
rozelle (Vor 12 Tagen) #29219936 Selling her for CAD 35 (not including shipping!). If buying her with Rem nendoroid, they will be bundled for CAD 70.
For local pick up in GTA or CENTRAL DOWNTOWN TORONTO please see my Kijij.ca ad! (photos also seen here)
Nendoroid Rem and Ram Re:Zero,
[ext link ]
For any other questions, feel free to comment or PM me :)

on hold !
Vor 3 Stundensliusareksliusarek
SageGuy (Vor 3 Stunden) #29739290They probably got some cancellations, and put that stock back up for order, it happens all the time.
I see.
Well, good for me!
Vor 3 StundenFalterFalter
Was just combining my lala order after her delay and decided to look through my other months just incase, only to discover even mikan has been delayed =(
Vor 3 StundenDynamiteDynamite
Happy Birthday :)
Vor 3 Stundeninternecinewarinternecinewar
cremareo (Vor 3 Stunden) #29739590SEGA prize figures are really high quality for the price. I have a few and I've seen a lot of praise for SEGA as well, so don't hesitate LOL

Awesome, thanks! Added this onto the wishlist then haha.
Vor 3 StundenHentai_SonHentai_Son
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Purgatorian (Vor 3 Stunden) #29739619♥ ♥ ♥ DADDY♥ ♥ ♥
Vor 3 StundenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board long! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Vor 3 Stunden (Vor 3 Stunden)StacycmcStacycmc
So forget that one person actually bought this shit and one other ordered it....

Who the F%#$ linked it to a club called "Blond and Beautiful"...
Vor 3 StundenRedligerRedliger I paint GKs
xCommando (Vor 8 Tagen) #29406324Oh yea I have them on my dresser and stuff too. :o Yeah there's so many factors that goes into it and even then you can never be sure if pre-ordering is the right move. I've gotten to the point that I just accept that if I pre-order it, its because I love it and don't care if I regret a price drop or whatever. But quality wise I understand what you mean, it can be a totally different story. Like that's the reason I typically never buy prize figures even if they're cute, even though I just caved on one. <-<
I'm interested in her too but I also decided to just wait. Emontoys is a company I'm not familiar with either, so its probably wise to wait. I should've probably waited on Jun from Plum item #604667 since I know from experience that their figures usually drop, but I got caught up in her cuteness. 3:< But eh, I won't be upset about getting her right away, so that's a plus.
I'm also in the same boat, I've still yet to watch the anime that some of my figures are from. But I rarely have an instance where I'm like, "woah I don't like her one bit after all!" I'm usually right on the money so eh. :3 I try to watch as much as I can but its really hard to find time to between games I want to play, working on setting up more display space, work, and being ded from work. 3:
Oh I'm on the Tempest Reach server. :D Yeh their outfits are pretty neat, especially that one haha.

Meh, for me. If I plan on buying a figure I usually order it from Amiami, since they usually have them for about 20% off when the pre-order opens. Normally I don't really care about a figure going up or down in price after release. I buy figures because I want them, not to resell them xD. Honestly, its much more of hassle to try and sell a figure and the time spent trying to advertise it is already more of waste of my time then any money gained from it. (For figures I'd be fine selling.)

Yep, same. Prize figures just are not worth it.

I saw that figure you ordered, shes cute. Not something I'd probably buy, but shes pretty nice compared of a lot of other figures that have gone up for pre-order recently.

Aside from new anime, I've actually seen too much anime I think. I go to watch something and I end up re-watching something because I've seen most of the ones I think are worth watching. xD

I made one on that server, but didn't end up playing much. I like the armored look of the gunner though.
Vor 3 Stunden (Vor 3 Stunden)PurgatorianPurgatorian
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Vor 3 Stundencremareocremareo
internecinewar (Vor 5 Stunden) #29736053How are Sega prize figures in general? I have experience with Banpresto (love them, especially the SCultures line) and Furyu (in my experience, they're of lesser quality/details than Banpresto but nothing too terrible) prize figures, but none with Sega. Might pick this up if the quality is okay since it'd be nice to have a P5 figure that won't break the bank.

SEGA prize figures are really high quality for the price. I have a few and I've seen a lot of praise for SEGA as well, so don't hesitate LOL
Vor 3 StundenNoir83Noir83
Ohh no. I had a little bit hope left to get her before christmas. ;-(
Vor 3 StundenFalterFalter
Kaneel (Vor 6 Stunden) #29734650Hi,
this is just a small note for any future uploads.
Please do not use nekomagic as a picture source at all.
They use pictures from other sites for their coverage without sourcing them and often enough cropping out watermarks and editing them too and the quality is usually worse than the original uploads.
I found this kanna picture posted at amihobby news [ext link ]
I'll try to find the other uploads and will edit them for you.

Roger, just double checked the upload guidelines and before hand i had not clicked the about sources link to read it indepth. so would a site like Nekomagic be considered similar to google under the guide lines since they gather the images from other locations? Also any tips on locating the original source as google reverse image search never popped anything up for me.
Vor 3 StundenStacycmcStacycmc
PatchworkToxin (Vor 5 Tagen) #29498741This. item #141162
It just. Looks so weird.

Dear lord, that shit is scary....

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