Let's Make It Happen!!Let's Make It Happen!!Make your voices heard and let's get some figures made! ^o^

When are we going to get some Monster Musume scale figures?
Why does Li Syaoran not have a Figma or Nendoroid yet?
What do I have to do for someone to make a Shovel Knight statue?

There are all kinds of figures we have been wanting, but somehow never got made. And that is what this club is for!

This club is dedicated to one purpose. To gather information on what the MFC community is wanting companies to make for their collections.

We will do this be researching comments on item pages, making polls and forums where specific types of figures can be discussed and voted on, and then take all the data we find and submit it to companies.

I hope you all will join us in this endeavor. Please remember to submit requests to companies directly on their websites and social media pages along with telling us what you want. That is their primary method of determining what products to produce.

Also feel free to mention figures, companies and franchises not of Japanese origin if you wish. This club's activities are not limited to Japanese franchises and companies. :3

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0Vor 22 Stunden (Vor 21 Stunden)Luka-nyanLuka-nyan

Can we please make this happen! ♥

Decim (from Death Parade) as a Nendoroid ♥

You can vote here (ext link) on GSC's 'Next Nendoriod Survey' xD
2Vor 23 StundenPickyCollectorPickyCollector
Good Smile is hosting a poll for the 10th anniversary of Nendoroids.
Submit your votes for who you want to be a Nendoroid.
Let's tell them what we want! >:D
(mfc link)
0Vor 10 TagenLuka-nyanLuka-nyan
Sekhmet (Vor 27 Tagen) #5990707Yes yes, he needs a figure asap. Or even a doll. Can you imagine his eyes in figure or doll form? So cool *_*

Yes Yes asap <3 ohh his eyes would perfect for a doll :3 I want a figure/doll of him so badly T.T
1Vor 14 TagenPickyCollectorPickyCollector
Results from the 4th poll are in. What should First4Figures make next.
(mfc link)

With a total of 87 votes, here are the winners.
1st Place (23 votes): Twili Midna- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
2nd Place (14 votes): Bayonetta
3rd place (6 votes): A tie between Steven Stone (Pokemon) and Kingdom Hearts

According to a comment left in the polls, First4Figures has said they have already made plans to make Twili Midna. Have not found anything about that on Google, but let's be sure to get them started on it soon! :D
1Vor 18 Tagen (Vor 18 Tagen)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I would really like holo from gsc rereleased :)

And louise wedding ver or ballgown dress to honour the author (so release on his birthday or day of death would be best) or a saito figure! Kirche would be ok too as she has nothing besides one trading figure same for henrietta..

So much I wish for but those are high on my list

Alter making blazblue figures would be awesome as well or freeing making more...

Would love a makoto by alter :) or tsubaki yayoi by any of the 2 companies

A NANA or genshiken (good quality ones) are welcome
0Vor 18 TagenPickyCollectorPickyCollector
New poll, everyone! This one focuses on a specific company. First4Figures.
(mfc link)

They have recently opened pre-orders for their upcoming Okami statue. Now We want to hear what you would like them to make in the future. Everyone can add options to vote for in this poll. Now let's make some 1/4 scale statue awesomeness! :D
0Vor 19 TagenRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Great to see a club like this! Really hope we can all make a difference and persuade those figure companies to make something we want! (*^V^*)
0Vor 20 TagenPickyCollectorPickyCollector
The results from the third poll are in. What Pokemon Nendoroid should be next. (mfc link)

167 people voted and here are the results.

1st Place: Steven Stone with Metagross and/or Mega Metagross (42 votes)
2nd Place: Misty (19 votes)
3rd Place: Green (16 votes)

Personally, I was not surprised that Steven would get first place. :P

I am sending the this to Good Smile right now. I think there is a good chance that we will get Steven with as much requests for him there have been on social media. Keep telling Good Smile what you want, everyone! :D
0Vor 21 TagenSekhmetSekhmet Probably a Fangirl
Maronn (Vor 25 Tagen) #6037328View spoilerHide spoilerYou're right! I'm still very tempted to buy those Seraph of the End figures but atm my budget says "No, don't do it! Your budget for January and February is already over your limit!" But yeah, maybe later. XD I got Levi months after he got released (Not in a second-hand shop. I want to support them after all) so maybe I'll find them in a shop as well. ;)
Yes, those DL look great as well though I only like Ayato, so hopefully they'll make him as well.
Actually I prefer UC's K figures over Alter's. Alter really has trouble with making accurate faces of male figures imo, UC's faces in comparison to that are spot on. And yes, those dynamic poses are great as well. Also their bodies do not look so weird-thin but correctly-sexy-thin. XD I don't know...Alter's [K] figures just look weird imo. I get the feeling they did not put a lot of effort in making them...^^"
It's so great that they really answer e-mails with a non-generic response. :) Hopefully they will continue making figures everyone else ignores. (You're also right about the Psycho-Pass figures. I hate it when companies only make one figure and then ignore the other main characters)
EDIT: Also Ciel's face from Kuroshitsuji looks spot on. They are the only company who got his face right. (Not that I dislike the other Ciels but this one just looks like out of the Manga. They need to work on the details, shading and clothes a bit though.^^" But that will probably come with time. :D)
I'll definitely keep an eye on UC and when they have become even better I'll spam them with my requests as well. XDD
Also: Yeah, yaaay! Continue bombarding them with your requests! :D And go UC! XD

Continued the convo on your page!

I've sent UC an email via their inquiry page on their international site. Hopefully they get back to me soon and I can add that to the companies contact info list on here soon. Please remember everyone, if you contact a company not on that list yet (mfc link) then post either here or there and let us know if they answered you in English, how long it took, etc.
1Vor 24 TagenPickyCollectorPickyCollector
New poll posted, everyone! Let's decide what Pokemon Characters should get Nendoroids. In this poll, everyone is able to add an option to the list to be voted for. :D
(mfc link)

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