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Far beyond the farthest horizon, he crawled out of the village of Jiha! He has defeated a Gunman for every star in the sky! When they tell stories of Team Gurren's badass leader, it is him, Kamina, of whom they speak!

The reputation of Team Gurren echoes far and wide... When they talk about its bad ass leader, the man of indomitable spirit and masculinity, they're talking about the Mighty Kamina!

Kick logic out, and do the impossible. That's how team Gurren rolls!

Just who the hell do you think we are?!

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0Vor 4 JahrenRaiakngihtRaiakngiht
I really want a Kamina figure! Argh, must find one for a decent price!
0Vor 5 Jahrensovelsovel
Today I received Kamina figure! totaly awesome :)
0Vor 6 Jahrenmaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
Lelouch_CC@maximimon: Hahahaha xD Sorry about that, should've known to send invites to people on my friend list! Won't happen again, bro!

no problem this club is awesome!!! ^^
0Vor 6 JahrenLelouch_CCLelouch_CC
@Amiral Sephiroth: He has to be the most badass figure known to man, I hope you get your hands on him one day!

@Aya-Kun: No problem, thank you for joining, and I'm glad you like the pictures :D the best part is that they're all official art! Gainax is truly the best.

@Red-Roses: Hope you're able to get him too, really an amazing figure.
0Vor 6 JahrenAya-KunAya-Kun
RedRosesI want that Kamina uplark.

me too, i want him to go along with viral. I wish he would get a damn re-release or something
0Vor 6 JahrenRedRosesRedRoses
I want that Kamina uplark.
0Vor 6 JahrenAya-KunAya-Kun
Thanks for the invite =3 Love the pictures you posted up top espically the 2nd and 6th -love this one-
0Vor 6 JahrenAmiral-SephirothAmiral-Sephiroth
I want the figure of kamina uplark !!!!!!
0Vor 6 Jahren (Vor 6 Jahren)Lelouch_CCLelouch_CC
@maximimon: Hahahaha xD Sorry about that, should've known to send invites to people on my friend list! Won't happen again, bro!

@Reinier: No problem, thanks for becoming a member :D the manliest character in the world needs as much love as possible!
0Vor 6 JahrenReinierReinier
Thanks for the club invite :)

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