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0Vor 17 Stundenromanlettersromanletters
Hello! I'm not really active at the moment in game (economic reasons), but I am on EU server Moogle, name's Luca Molotov. BLM main.

Where is the game are people? I'm currently somewhere in Heavensward, slightly intimidated by moving forward because I don't really want people to get annoyed whenever I enter an instance and I'm the newbie. I want to take my time exploring, but... People just want to rush...
0Vor 24 TagenKitKatClaudiaKitKatClaudia
Hi!! I'm Claudius Buhen on the server Famfrit! (:
As you can see, my character is my profile picture.
0Vor 1 MonatAesthesiaAesthesia The Sleeping Soul
Welcome to the club! What server do you play on?

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