iTOMxMFC Giveawayn/a    Leser Auswahl (2017-06-20)

0Vor 1 Tagneohybridkaineohybridkai
Awesome, good thing I already have TOM account
0Vor 1 Tagjtran117jtran117
0Vor 1 Tagsakakaweasakakawea
This looks awesome! Btw, is there a way to confirm if our entry was accepted?
1Vor 2 TagenSaurfangSaurfang
Gorgeous figure, good luck everyone!
0Vor 2 TagenTeaspoon24Teaspoon24
Yay! I really like this version of Racing Miku.
0Vor 2 TagenShojobitchShojobitch
I've only had $3 or $5 dollar spins and this is what I'd buy if I'd won a big one so keeping everything crossed!! Best of luck to everyone xxx
0Vor 2 Tagenqmxangelqmxangel
Ahh !! This is so generous of TOM, and they're already amazing as is whenever you order from them. Good luck everyone!! :)
0Vor 2 TagenHaruNoSekaiHaruNoSekai
Thanks a lot for this giveaway ! good luck for all !
0Vor 2 Tagenheketorheketor
I love this figure so much... Thank you TOM! and MFC!
0Vor 3 TagenKopycatKopycat
Jesussss!!! She looks gorgeous. Hope I win. Just entered right now :)
0Vor 3 Tagenlaketicalaketica
going for it!!! awesome giveaway, she's so pretty =)
0Vor 3 Tagenmariijanemariijane
aw man TOM you rock so much. i always love your giveaways!
0Vor 3 TagenMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
Nice giveaway! We don't see figure giveaways too often.
Entered! Good luck to everyone~
0Vor 3 TagenDBZRuss25DBZRuss25
This is amazing. And very nice of Otaku mode. I'm glad to be part of this community :)
0Vor 3 Tagenvictorissocutevictorissocute
oh NICE!
0Vor 4 TagenSnarklesSnarkles
Hey that's nice, I was just on the site... I had some internet issues the other night and my 71 points of TOM points expired without me being able to renew. T_T Good luck peeople~
0Vor 4 TagenDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
This is honestly really generous! ^-^ Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to everyone who enters! <3
0Vor 4 TagenGlauganGlaugan
Wow, that's really nice!
I don't have any figures, but I have a lot of Gundam models, unfortunately I don't have a good camera to post pics in the site.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a figure!
0Vor 4 TagenYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
thank you for the advice!
0Vor 4 TagenTheDoctorTheDoctor
T-dawg (Vor 4 Tagen) #22379848Do you need to purchase something in order to enter or you can apply just by putting the email address? I kinda just skim read it and Im kinda in a pinch at the moment hahaha

You must have an account on their shop in order to participate.

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