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0Vor 2 Monatenasuramaruasuramaru
i hung mine on my bed and use them to store printed song lyrics *thumbsup*
0Vor 2 Monatenadrikynadrikyn
I hang mine on my walls like little posters.
0Vor 2 MonatenPanda_ChanPanda_Chan
I ordered a few this Month and I display them on my wall.
0Vor 2 MonatenMauxjediMauxjedi
I only have one or two, and to be honest they're lost in one of my longboxes, buried among hundreds of comics. I really like the idea for using them in D&D though!
2Vor 2 Monatenshinhawkshinhawk
I usually hang them on my walls as if they're posters. I also put white paper inside so back of the folder doesn't show through to the front.
1Vor 2 Monatenrandomly_ren09randomly_ren09
I used them to store my papers (duh!), but now that I don't use as much paper as I used to back in high school, it's just for display.
1Vor 2 MonatenBVibesBVibes
I use them as backgrounds for my figures. I just bought item #167012 and have a clear file of the reference art right behind him (this one [ext link ]). It's kind of funny, it looks like he is imitating the pose.
I also have some of pokemon clear files that sometimes come with Namie's art books (encyclopedia #86218) , behind my pokemon figures.
2Vor 2 MonatenDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
Pomelo (Vor 2 Monaten) #19407328H-Have you been spying on me?

Maybe... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3Vor 2 Monatenclampotakuclampotaku
I display them but my favorite use is as a backdrop for my detolf's since they're themed shelves....my sports shelf has Free! clear files....my UtaPri shelf has my fave Starish members & so on....
4Vor 2 MonatenPomeloPomelo
DaichukiyoOr do you put them at the bottom of your drawer under endless piles of anime merch never to be seen again?

H-Have you been spying on me?
1Vor 2 Monatenhikaridranzhikaridranz
the ones I get as freebies I use to store papers, the ones I bought I keep in clear file folders.
3Vor 2 MonatenIridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~
I kept them in their original plastic and sticky-tac them onto the backs of my detolf shelves as a decorative backdrop! (Important not to use sticky-tac directly on the clearfile- you will warp it).
They're inexpensive, durable, and show a wide variety of art for many series, so they're easy to collect!
2Vor 2 Monatenkatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
I use my clear files for character sheets when playing D&D actually...
2Vor 2 Monaten (Vor 2 Monaten)AcidPunkAcidPunk
I used my Nozomi clear file to transport my documents for my college degree.
0Vor 2 Monatenrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
tharglet (Vor 2 Monaten) #19403318If you got them framed, I would imagine that using anti-glare glass would help, but it does cost more. I've got one thing framed with a midrange one and it does cut down on shininess a fair amount.

Ohh I didn't know something like that existed. Thanks, I'll look into it! It might be worth it for some of my more precious clear files that I want to display around my character shrines, especially.
0Vor 2 Monatenkasumicckasumicc
I just can't imagine using them for anything other than storing/carrying paper. And I alternate them as to not damaging them too much...it's just as when I buy keychains or straps; I like to use them as such, but I'm also afraid of damaging them. I could put them on display, but something inside me tells me that's just not their purpose...it's complicated xD
1Vor 2 MonatenNinaScottexNinaScottex
I only have a couple of them, sadly... but I use them to store my drawings :3
0Vor 2 Monatentharglettharglet
rufusdrumknott (Vor 2 Monaten) #19393700Their reflective surface confuzzles me a bit as to how though. I don't want to use a clear file album, I want them out in the open!

If you got them framed, I would imagine that using anti-glare glass would help, but it does cost more. I've got one thing framed with a midrange one and it does cut down on shininess a fair amount.
1Vor 2 Monatenmukyuumukyuu
I use them as cup coasters on my desk. lol
3Vor 2 Monaten (Vor 2 Monaten)tetrixtetrix
I collect a whole bunch of them, so much that I have more clear files than any other types of goods in my collection (around 50 of them)! They are generally inexpensive and has pretty designs. I put most of them inside a clear file storage holder so that I can view it like an art book. Most of them are pretty so I couldn't bear to use them and seeing them getting damaged... But then, I would use the files of anime which I have lost interest in to store my lecture notes. Another reason for collecting them is to support the anime I enjoyed watching.

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