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I'm back with another artbook.... I love artbooks >< But this particular artbook isn't tied to any anime or manga, and it isn't Japanese. It's Chinese! The art book, by Old Xian, is called, "Old Xian Art Collection" and contains art from manhua: 19 Days, Mosspaca, Joker Danny, and much more. You can read more about them and their works here!

My lovely friend naftie recommended I read 19 Days (Thank you so much!<3), so I read all current 150+ chapters in 1 sitting and FELL IN LOVE. It's crazy how quickly I came to love this series so much! It's been a while since I've reacted like this for a series haha! So in love I am, that I had to own Old Xian's art book even if it only has 2 pages of 19 Days art work ;v; ALSO, I really recommend anyone who's into funny yet angsty romance between bro relationships, to read 19 Days!<3 I'll even convince you by linking you to this hilarious post as to why you should read it and why it's great. Enjoy.

On to the book! I apologize beforehand for the legitimately terrible pictures.
NOTE: Slight NSFW below. undies




I think this was a nice touch to add to the book! Their name pops out.

Removing the cover:

Of course the 1st page has the beautiful cover art!

And the next 2 pages have my jianyi and xixi babies<3

I like these alot ovo


The artbook had a bookmark of Jian Yi inside!

There's also a poster inside too! Unfortunately I really don't want it since I don't pin up posters at all ;v; but if it were 19 Days I would have kept it XD oh well I'll see what I'll do with it.

Anyways, there's a TON of more art in this book. I just chose to show the ones I liked the most :D All in all, I highly recommend this book since the art style is really refreshing to look at.

Slightly off topic, but after reading 19 Days, I read Mosspaca. Mosspaca is really interesting since it's a manhua about the 2 artists (Old Xian and Tan Jiu) and their boss- Moss. After reading these works, I quickly became interested in manhua, so I checked out Tan Jiu's "Their Story" since I've actually wanted to read that before I even knew about 19 Days! And ofcourse, I love it as well! Both stories are so refreshing and precious jdsfjdslfjds I really recommend them. Anyways, that's all!

READ 19 DAYS OK? and Their Story too.

Edit: Some links are broken for some reason, so I've deleted some parts of this post.

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Edit; whoops, had both old xian tabs open and commented on the wrong post.
0Vor 1 Jahr (Vor 1 Jahr)nohomeboysnohomeboys
Oh boy, they're so gorgeous :')
I just ordered a set (3 books: Old Xian's artbook, 19 days and Their Story) yesterday and now I can't wait to have them on my hands!
0Vor 1 JahrSkyBlueSkyBlue
akarin (Vor 1 Jahr) #8794166Amazon's ISBN? 978-7535667052 [ext link ]

Thank you so much!! :D
0Vor 1 Jahrakarinakarin
SkyBlue (Vor 1 Jahr) #8793508Can I have the ISBN number of this artbook? I really want to buy this artbook! 19 Days is hilarious XD
Amazon's ISBN? 978-7535667052 [ext link ]
0Vor 1 JahrSkyBlueSkyBlue
Can I have the ISBN number of this artbook? I really want to buy this artbook! 19 Days is hilarious XD
1Vor 1 JahrEmeraldxDewEmeraldxDew
ahhhh i'm a huge fan of old xian! this artbook is such a blessing. Q_Q
1Vor 1 JahrRueleerRueleer

Well there goes my savings again.
2Vor 1 Jahrnaftienaftie
so beautiful!!! thank you for all the gorgeous eye candy hahaha^^
1Vor 1 Jahrlayciielayciie
AHhh I've seen people post about this art book and I want it so bad....
7Vor 1 Jahrtheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
...*sweats* I want this.

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